8 Mentoring


Cost: $150 for the first hour and $100 for each additional consecutive hour

Instructors: Jonathan or Lindsay Betz

One-on-One Mentoring Opportunities create the best environment to take your skills to the next level. We tailor each one-on-one session for each individual, and the session may cover any area and could range from photography skills (i.e., manual settings, lighting, posing, composition) to post-production skills (i.e., Photoshop concepts, retouching, color corrections, album design and composites). We suggest booking a 2-3 hour session depending on the topics being covered. We welcome skill levels from beginners to advanced amateurs.  Call our studio to book your mentoring session, 719-291-9798.



Cost: $250 for the first hour and $200 for each additional consecutive hour

These mentoring sessions are specifically designed for photographers currently running a business in photography. Your studio may be just beginning or you may have a solid business yet looking to tweak areas that could improve. We provide hands-on teaching, training, and mentoring in your own work space to increase your confidence, profitability, work flow, studio management, and client experience.  Call our studio to book, 719-291-9798.  For studios outside of Colorado Springs, we are happy to schedule mentoring options via FaceTime or over the phone.


SATURDAY WORKSHOP: Getting the Most out of Your Digital SLR Camera                                                                          

Cost: $150

Instructor: Jonathan Betz 

This 3-hour workshop is held from 10 am – 1 pm on a Saturday, and is scheduled once we have 3 confirmed participants.  This workshop is geared toward those who own a digital SLR camera but are currently photographing in automatic settings.  Over the course of this class, participants will gain knowledge and skills in the topics of focusing, lens selection, white balance, and using manual settings (understanding aperture, ISO, and shutter speed).

email jon@jonathanbetz.com for a class syllabus and registration



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