Dave Ramsey, Chris Brown, and Jonathan Betz Photography


Dave Ramsey is in town with Chris Brown for their live event tonight, and we are the photography team while they are here.  We enjoyed our time at the lunch event at Johnny Martin’s Car Central earlier today and love the message they teach about financial health that brings financial peace.  We have been listeners and followers of their sound advice, so it was quite an honor to meet both of them today.  They are both down to earth, caring, and passionate about guiding families to solid financial ground.

Thank you to KRDO for being the host station for Dave Ramsey’s “The Dave Ramsey Show” and choosing us for the event coverage today.

It’s especially neat to meet these men because Lindsay is beginning to speak to the photography industry with a message on “Focusing on Your Financial Future.”  Much of that message echoes in the teachings of these guys.  Currently she’s presented at the local and state level…looking ahead to the national convention in 2018!

Susan Bodlak - November 10, 2016 - 10:34 pm

Lindsay, you are a born speaker and presenter. Ramsey Solutions would be lucky to have you on the team!

Jonathan Betz - November 15, 2016 - 1:31 pm

The speaking isn’t specifically with Dave Ramsey and his team but to our industry of professional photographers. My message echoes much of what he teaches, and I’m excited to build up other photographers and their families by teaching solid financial practices. Thank you for your compliments, Susan!

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