The Luttman Family | Professional Family Portraits created in Woodland Park, Colorado

Photographing family portraits for the Luttmans was a very special session for us for a number of reasons. First, this was their very first professional photography session! Second, these portraits would become the art for their brand new home, designed and built by grandpa and dad. The past year or so has held a theme of “new beginnings” for them, and these portraits celebrate a lot of hope and happiness.

This family has strong faith, a love for travel and their dog, Trip, and a love for the rugged landscape of Colorado. They sought to capture fall colors – specifically the golden aspens – in their portraits. The best location near Colorado Springs for healthy, vibrant aspens is in Woodland Park, and that became the setting for their photography.

Their session day weather looked iffy, and when Jon met the family in Woodland Park, it was raining…hard. But everyone agreed it was worth a try. Right as everyone was unloading to start taking the portraits, the skies cleared enough to create gorgeous portraits that now fill prominent wall spaces in their new home.

It’s been an honor to create art that celebrates so much beyond the pictures themselves for this family. We know they are enjoying their wall art – and all the special memories they bring to mind – each and every day.

Jonathan Betz Photography | Colorado Springs & Woodland Park Family Photographer

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