Dvorsky Family | Garden of the Gods Family Portraits

I’m completely partial to Jon’s expertise in photography – there’s no one else I trust with our own family photography – but sometimes even I am amazed by the portraits he is able to create in some of the craziest conditions.

The Dvorsky family is back with us this year for both the next round of senior portraits and also family portraits. Like most families, they have full schedules with kids and parents going in lots of directions each week. It’s not easy to coordinate all those schedules for family photography.

Clouds, heavy with rain, were moving into the city right at the start of their scheduled family session. Rain fell pretty much most of their session, so I actually thought Jon was joking when he texted to tell me he finished the session. He wasn’t kidding! He worked with utmost efficiency and created gorgeous portraits for a family who was more than willing to tough out a little rain to complete their portraits at the originally-scheduled time.

Rest assured, we will never compromise portraits with the weather, but when a family is up for giving it a go, the results are often awesome. This family had an absolute blast, and the precipitation brought a depth of color to the landscape that just doesn’t happen on a perfectly sunny day. Enjoy a handful of favorites from their recent photography session!

Jonathan Betz Photography | Colorado Springs Family Portraits Photographer

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