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Like so many couples in 2020, Dijia & Blake found themselves a little unsure how to best create a special wedding in the midst of the pandemic. Just weeks prior to their October 10th date, they decided to find a rental cabin in the mountains of Colorado and bring their family and a close friend out to share in their day.

Dijia is from China, and the date 10-10-20 was a dream wedding date. When she called, we weren’t able to be available for more than a couple hours on that morning as we had portrait sessions already booked for the afternoon and evening. We both knew there was more photography they would want and we were determined to find a way to make it happen. As we talked over the phone, I was so thankful when I offered the option to have them come to Colorado Springs earlier that week for a multi-hour time where we took them all over favorite places in our area for gorgeous portraits of the two of them. We then joined them outside of Breckenridge on their Saturday to capture the ceremony and festivities right after.

The time we shared with Dijia and Blake in Colorado Springs was a really fun time and gave them some breathtaking images as well as many fun memories from those adventures that afternoon into the evening. Their wedding ceremony will forever remain in my top favorites – Dijia’s son officiated, the vows could not have been more tender and heartfelt, and there was not a dry eye (mine included!) as these two married and officially began their new family. There is something truly special when simplicity invites the depth of the moment to shine. So many times the fanfare of the venues, multitudes of people, food to be eaten, decor, and schedule of events garner attention and focus. In this tender ceremony of just a handful of their most special people and in the simplicity of the back balcony of the cabin, one of the most authentic and beautiful moments unfolded. What an honor for us to be invited to capture it and share in their moment.


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