The Snider Family | Colorado Springs Family Portraits

We’re honored to have created this family’s first outdoor portraits! Like so many families we hear from, this family’s last professional family photography happened quite a number of years ago. When they realized they were in a brief window of time with all of their girls braces-free, they made sure to make these portraits happen! Red Rock Canyon served as a gorgeous backdrop for their photography.

The Snider Family is playful, loving, honest, and has a sarcastic sense of humor. They enjoy hiking together and exploring our Colorado trails. They love having family game nights with favorite games to play together including Monopoly and Ticket to Ride. Our family loves game nights too, and Ticket to Ride is definitely a favorite in our family as well.

We’re excited to share favorites from a great family session with the Sniders. We know that their wall art from these portraits will be enjoyed in their home for years to come. May these portraits daily remind their daughters how beautiful and loved they are, and may all the favorite memories from this season of life be brought to mind.

Jonathan Betz Photography | Colorado Springs Family Pictures Photographer

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