Meet Sarah Viera – Wedding Planner!

We had the privilege of spending time with Sarah Viera this morning. We met her initially last summer and then connected to learn more about her business and the services she provides to brides. We were very impressed by her professionalism and loved how evident her passion is for serving brides! We are so excited to partner with her and promote her services. We know how many details go into a wedding and how many different plans come together on the wedding day itself, so we’re thrilled to know such a warm, caring, and enthusiastic person to whom we can refer brides who really want the peace of mind from and partnership with a planner. Oh, and how could we not love her when she also has a daughter named Natalie?!?!


Her website launches SOON, so feel free to check it out in the coming week!

Sarah Viera Events

Back Home from our Photography Convention…

We arrived back home late last night from our WPPI Convention. It was great, and we’re back and overflowing with new ideas and energy! We flew in and out of the Colorado Springs Airport (we love how small it is and so close to home!) and were greeted by Natalie and Tyler and Grandma. Jon and I really enjoyed our time as just the two of us but seeing Natalie and Tyler really made it great to be home again! Even Tyler’s upset, hungry cries during the car ride home were somewhat heartwarming after being away from the little guy! And Natalie’s excited smiles and “Mommy! Daddy!” brought huge smiles to us as well. It’s true that being away gave us new appreciation for the day-to-day (and even exhausting!) moments because it’s out of these moments that the blessing of family comes to life and memories are made. And we feel so blessed to be able to do what we love and photograph your lives…from the day-to-day to the once-in-a-lifetime.

Oh, and how crazy is this…we returned with so much excitement for some of our ideas that we were up until 3 am putting a few things in motion…more to come on that SOON!


Jonathan Betz Photography

Leaving Las Vegas…

WPPI 2010

We are currently here in Las Vegas, NV, for our annual Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) convention! Every year this is such a fantastic trip of learning and energizing our business with new excitement and ideas. Last year Natalie came with us, and that worked out okay (she wasn’t walking yet!) but we did know that it would not work so well in the future…and that was back before we knew our family was going to add another little one before this year’s convention! So, we brought out Grandma to watch Natalie and Tyler, and Jon and I got to come out as just the two of us! It’s our first trip as parents without bringing the kids, and it’s been a really nice and blessed time to relax a little and really focus on all the great learning opportunities.

We are currently exactly half way through our time here since arriving LATE Sunday night (which ended up being Monday morning thanks to a VERY delayed flight!) and beginning with our convention experience Monday morning. We are here through Thursday and are excited to return to work Friday full of all our new ideas! And we’re VERY excited to see our little ones again Thursday night!


Here’s two of our most recent portraits of Natalie and Tyler together (22 months and 3 months old)…

Jonathan Betz Photography

Simply Canvas & Jonathan Betz Photography Meet.

We just placed our first order to Simply Canvas for some new products and are very excited to see them. Simply Canvas created a great video to share with us and we wanted to share it with you as well. Thank You guys from Simply Canvas for doing a great job!


Post Production Workshop!

You all have been asking for this class and now its finally here!
We are offering a 6 week class on POST PRODUCTION. We will cover tons of cool stuff in Photoshop and how to create a digital workflow and would love for you to sign up and be there. The class will start the end of January. Sign up today by calling 719-291-9798 or send an email to:
email us for class syllabus and details.
Thank YOU!