Beth & Scott – Shove Chapel

What a fun wedding to end our 2008 season! Beth & Scott’s day was a gorgeous November day, and we just love the beauty of Shove Chapel. Beth is actually a friend of ours from a Small Group Bible Study we were in when we first arrived to Colorado Springs. They are the 3rd couple from the International Anglican Church here in town that have chosen us to be their photography team, so we loved getting to see one of our previous couples, Dan & Danita, on Beth & Scott’s day! We also loved our time at their reception at Phantom Canyon Brewery. We’ve been there for dinners and local events but this was the first for a wedding reception. The food was excellent, and we love the great city views from that 3rd floor. Beth & Scott, we wish you all God’s blessings as married life begins!

Grimm Family – Monument Valley Park

Ok folks this is a VERY fun family to photograph! The Grimm family and us we went downtown to Monument Valley Park (where we are frequently seen) and just took a walk around the park and started photographing at different spots. We had a blast with the boys Ivan & Drew as they were all about getting their pictures taken. (rare for boys!) And so we capitalized on it! Here are a couple shots…

Thanks Guys for a fun day in the park!

Vaughn at 6 Months!

Vaughn did so great for his 6 month session! He was sitting up with confidence and smiling like crazy for the camera…I think we had 30 fantastic shots and were done within 15-20 minutes! We love the one with the huge smile-we love how it looks like he’s singing his little heart out for us! Honestly, we could have posted his entire session they were all so great. How can baby portraits get much better than this?

Manny & Kim (Rock Stars!)

Ok for this e-session we did we had the creative wheels turning in the heads of Manny and Kim. I asked them if they had any ideas for their session, so they took a couple of days to think on it and came back with a whole adventure planned out. We went to one of their most special places up in the mountains where they love to go camping and hiking and just plain hang out and have fun! It was about a 45 minute drive up to the spot and the 4-wheel drive was a necessary feature needed to get there. Luckily we took our Trooper which made it a breeze! When we arrived to the spot I took a look around at beautiful mountains surrounding us and was simply in awe! We had the beautiful warm evening light ( God’s light ) to look forward to and so we got started and this what I saw. Manny and Kim are due to be married in July of 2009! ( we are really looking forward to their day ) Thanks guys for a fun day in the mountains and for the privilege of photographing you! You guys are rock stars!

Eldredge Family

We had the pleasure going out to the Eldredge family ranch in Peyton Colorado to photograph them in and outside their beautiful home! Thank you guys for being SO hospitable and welcoming us into your home! These are some of our favs…