Tyler | Fountain-Fort Carson High School Senior Portraits | Class of 2020

Tyler is down-to-earth and easygoing. He’s been competing on baseball teams since the age of 5, and during high school, played the position of catcher. He would love to continue baseball into college.

His senior session last summer used the setting of Monument Valley Park. We loved the backgrounds provided by the park for featuring his love of baseball. It’s an area that’s full of mature trees, vibrant greens in the summer months, and the rustic baseball field.

Tyler, we wish you our sincere congratulations on your upcoming completion of high school and trust these senior portraits celebrate your accomplishments.

Jonathan Betz Photography | Colorado Springs Senior Photographer | Portrait Artist and Certified Professional Photographer

James | Castle View High School Senior Portraits | Class of 2020

James is an avid reader, loves spending time with people, and an accomplished swimmer. His best stroke is freestyle, and he’s competed on both the high school and club teams. This year, he was honored to be captain of the team.

James’ family came to us from Castle Rock. We love working with families from outside our Colorado Springs area; it’s always a treat to provide backdrops unique to our area that help that senior’s portraits look a little more unique from their peers’ photography (or a lot different when our families come from the Midwest, Texas, or East Coast!).

James chose Red Rock Canyon as the setting for his senior portraits. We’re excited to share favorites and celebrate his accomplishments in this feature. We know Senior Year is unfortunately looking much different from expectations for this class, so may this bring some joy and celebrate his accomplishments. Congratulations, James!

Jonathan Betz Photography | Castle Rock Photographer | High School Senior Photographer Colorado Springs | Portrait Artist

Finn | Branson School Senior Portraits | Class of 2020

Finn’s family traveled to us from Branson, Colorado, for his senior photography. We love being a destination photographer for families traveling in from out of our area. Finn has a busy sports schedule, and our simple mini session worked best for his photography.

We love our mini sessions for families that love the simplicity without any sacrifice of quality. Jon worked hard to weave storytelling for Finn’s sports of football and basketball into his session.

We’re excited to share favorites from his session outside of Garden of the Gods and wish Finn our best as he finishes the last requirements for graduation. Congratulations on your accomplishments!

Jonathan Betz Photography | Branson Colorado and Colorado Springs Photographer | Portrait Artist

Ashlyn | Palmer High School Senior Portraits | Class of 2020

Ashlyn is a well-rounded high school senior who loves photography, hiking in the outdoors, and travel. She competed on the golf team during her years in high school.

Her photography session during late summer was in the setting of Cheyenne CaƱon, and we’re excited to share favorites from her portraits.

As Ashlyn finishes the last weeks of high school and looks beyond graduation, she’s planning to attend Grand Canyon University. She’s looking at studying business and hopes travel and photography fill much of her future too!

Jonathan Betz Photography | Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer | Outdoor Portrait Artist

Garrid | Fountain-Fort Carson High School Senior Portraits | Class of 2020

We loved reconnecting with Garrid’s family after first meeting them to photograph his older brother’s senior portraits for the Class of 2018. It’s always our highest compliment to receive the loyalty of our families and continue to be their family’s professional photographer.

Garrid is creative and loves drawing, sketching, and design. He also (like his brother!) has a love for cars. Garrid dreams of a career working as a car body designer. He’s looking at both traditional higher education combined with the technical training to pursue this career. Garrid is also athletic and competed at the state level for swimming.

Garrid loves dogs, and in addition to the four dogs that are in his family, his family’s business is a kennel, so they care for a lot of furry friends!

Garrid’s senior portraits were completed at multiple locations and included the After Dark portraits. His much-loved European 1973 MGBGT coupe was featured during his session. His multi-location session brought the variety of combining both urban and natural settings for his photography, and we’re excited to share favorites.

Garrid, our best to you with all your next steps after officially completing high school! It’s been wonderful to see your family again. CONGRATULATIONS!

Jonathan Betz Photography | High School Senior Photographer | Portrait Artist specializing in finished art featuring your family