Tricia | Mesa Ridge High School Senior Portraits | Class of 2019

Tricia is an active and involved high school senior who has served in the leadership for her high school’s student council and competed in volleyball through her junior year. When not in school, she loves her Chevy truck, hanging out with her friends, and attending music concerts. She loves skiing and spending time in the mountains. She’s also a huge Bronco’s fan.

With her love of the mountains, Garden of the Gods was a perfect setting for her high school senior photography session. We’re excited to share some favorite senior portraits.

As she completes senior year and looks ahead to her next chapters in life, Tricia plans to pursue a degree in forensic sciences. We wish her the best!

Jonathan Betz Photography – High School Senior Portraits Photographer

Celebrating Our Masters Degree Achievements! | Professional Photographers of America’s Imaging USA Convention 2019

Lindsay’s getting ready to present and pictures from the Masters Degree Ceremony!
We’re pictured with PPA President of the Board, Stephen Thetford.

Each year, we prioritize attending the largest professional photography convention in the world: PPA’s Imaging USA. PPA is also the largest professional photography organization in the world and celebrated it’s 150th anniversary this year. They hosted the convention in Atlanta, GA – the home of PPA’s headquarters.

We are committed to continuing our education and elevating our client experience to offer the very best in artistry and finished art, and Imaging USA plays an essential role in fulfilling that commitment.

Jonathan committed 3 years ago to competing in the annual International Print Competition (IPC). The judging panel scores each entry based on 12 elements that go beyond professional level to true artistry of image-making. Through merits earned for superior photographic competence, advanced education, and service to the industry, photographers can receive the Master of Photography degree. We are thrilled that Jonathan received his Masters this year!

Additionally, Jonathan was recognized for excellence as a Silver Medal recipient for his IPC photography entries. His work that earned the silver medal are below.

Over the years, we’ve been excited for Lindsay to become part of PPA’s leadership as an elected Council representative. She’s also served on the Education Advisory Committee for the Board of Directors. She’s also become a presenter on the national platform, teaching courses at both Imaging 2018 and 2019. Her teaching and service earned her the degree of Photographic Craftsman, and she received that degree at convention.

It was truly special to present each other with our degrees at the ceremony last week. And yes, we had a blast dressing up and making it a special night to remember.

Image Titles, top to bottom:
Ocean Dazzle | Cuban Casual | Her View Over Havana | Echoes of a Weary Traveler

Jonathan Betz Photography – Colorado Springs Master Photographer

Nanci McAlister - January 29, 2019 - 6:27 pm

Love these impressive photographs AND the titles as well! So expressive.

James & Emily | Engagement Photography at Bear Creek

One of the exciting aspects of being in business since 2006 is the honor of becoming the family photographer for our client families and capturing their new milestones. We love continuing to be a family’s storyteller through portraits.

We photographed James’ senior portraits a handful of years ago (and have also photographed his younger brother’s senior portraits), and just recently, celebrated his engagement to Emily. While they reside in the Dallas area, this happy couple were in Colorado Springs for the Christmas holiday. They had a perfect December day for engagement portraits. Emily’s biggest request was to capture their fun-loving personalities. As she described some of what she envisioned for the setting of the portraits, Bear Creek Park felt like an ideal setting for their photography.

Congratulations, James & Emily! It’s been our pleasure creating these special portraits to celebrate your engagement!

Jonathan Betz Photography – Colorado Springs Engagement Photographer

The Bishop Family | Family Portraits at Garden of the Gods

The Bishop Family found us through our silent auction donation to the Boy Scouts of America. They have three active kids and a love for the outdoors. During ski season, they love traveling to the slopes.

They matched well with Garden of the Gods as the setting for their portraits, and we have to agree that there’s no better location when mountain views and our Southern Colorado landscape are priorities. We just love the variety offered there.

Our one-hour family sessions include plenty of time for full family portraits in a variety of settings throughout the session as well as individual of the kids, all the kids together, and we always want to create updated portraits of mom and dad (all too often, the last time couples had their last couples’ portrait was at their wedding!). As was the case for the Bishops, when families love a lot, all the variety of favorites can come together in a professional album – albums are a favorite keepsake to hold all the favorite poses.

We’ve loved getting to know this family and look forward to senior portraits for their oldest after she finishes junior year!

Jonathan Betz Photography | Colorado Springs Family Portraits Photographer

Isabel | Fountain-Fort Carson High School Senior Portraits | Class of 2019

Isabel is an artsy, creative senior with a self-described “flair of diva!” Her interests include fashion, hair & make-up, and photography. With her love for the outdoors, a natural setting was a great fit for her senior photography session.

Her family serves in the military and hasn’t been in Colorado Springs for too long, so our expertise with great locations helped match her to Red Rock Canyon. We are always happy to include pets in the sessions, and Isabel took advantage of featuring her loved pup in some of her portraits.

Enjoy your final semester of high school, Isabel. We’ve loved getting to know your family and celebrating your accomplishments with lasting photographic art!

Jonathan Betz Photography | Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer