The Luttman Family | Professional Family Portraits created in Woodland Park, Colorado

Photographing family portraits for the Luttmans was a very special session for us for a number of reasons. First, this was their very first professional photography session! Second, these portraits would become the art for their brand new home, designed and built by grandpa and dad. The past year or so has held a theme of “new beginnings” for them, and these portraits celebrate a lot of hope and happiness.

This family has strong faith, a love for travel and their dog, Trip, and a love for the rugged landscape of Colorado. They sought to capture fall colors – specifically the golden aspens – in their portraits. The best location near Colorado Springs for healthy, vibrant aspens is in Woodland Park, and that became the setting for their photography.

Their session day weather looked iffy, and when Jon met the family in Woodland Park, it was raining…hard. But everyone agreed it was worth a try. Right as everyone was unloading to start taking the portraits, the skies cleared enough to create gorgeous portraits that now fill prominent wall spaces in their new home.

It’s been an honor to create art that celebrates so much beyond the pictures themselves for this family. We know they are enjoying their wall art – and all the special memories they bring to mind – each and every day.

Jonathan Betz Photography | Colorado Springs & Woodland Park Family Photographer

The Christensen Family | Red Rock Canyon Family Portraits

The Christensen Family serves our country in the Air Force and past service with the Marines, and we are grateful for their service. As with many of our military families, we are often invited to create family portraits with iconic Colorado scenery to represent their time here. We chose Red Rock Canyon for their photography session location. This location brings both grand landscapes and intimate settings in fields and forests. Enjoy our favorites from their portraits!

Jonathan Betz Photography | Colorado Springs Professional Photographer for Families and Children

Emily | Trinidad High School Senior Portraits | Class of 2019

Emily is a friendly, fun-loving high school senior who is very gifted musically. She plays french horn, piano, and the ukulele. She also plays soccer competitively.

Emily’s family lives in Trinidad and traveled to us for her senior portraits. They were excited for the spectacular scenery of Garden of the Gods, and given that this was a January photography session, that location is one that keeps its beauty year round.

We’re excited to share favorites from her recent session and have been a special part of the celebration of her upcoming high school graduation!

Jonathan Betz Photography | Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

Kiara | Fountain-Fort Carson High School Senior Portraits | Class of 2019

Kiara loves science, space exploration, and anything from the world of science fiction and technology. She’s quite intelligent and sees herself pursuing physics engineering to lead to jobs potentially with the FBI or NASA. When not studying, you can find her boxing or playing video games.

Kiara loved a more urban setting that would give her backgrounds of graffiti and weathered textures and colors, so we helped match her to Old Colorado City for her photography location.

Kiara, we’re excited for you to finish high school with excellence and shine in all your next steps!

Jonathan Betz Photography | Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

The Brescia Family | Family Photography at Garden of the Gods

As with so many families, the Brescia Family knew their oldest son’s senior year presented an important time to not only commemorate his life milestone but also celebrate their whole family. We love helping each family build the ideal combination of sessions, and we offer a variety of options to meet each family’s individual needs and preferences. For the Brescia Family, their family photography was the focus, and they were excited for wall art and finished art prints that captured their close family relationships and Colorado beauty.

For this active, close-knit family, Garden of the Gods became the perfect setting for both senior and family portraits.

Enjoy favorites from their September photography session!

Jonathan Betz Photography | Colorado Springs & Castle Rock Family Portraits Photographer | High School Senior Photographer