Austin & Clairelise | Wedding Photography at Briarhurst Manor, Colorado Springs | 10.14.2018

This was a truly special wedding day. We have known Clairelise since first meeting her family when she was a high school senior and chose us for her senior portraits. Since that time, we have photographed her younger sister’s senior portraits and family portraits. Their family session was one of our favorite snow sessions we’ve gotten to do over the years, so when it started SNOWING on their October wedding day, it just seemed so fitting!

Austin & Clairelise are high school sweethearts who first met through church. As their relationship together grew closer over the years, they also helped each other grow deeper in their individual and shared faith. Their relationship has also created strong friendship between each of their families. When Austin proposed, he re-created their first date, and after she said “yes!” they invited their families to celebrate with them.

We love that they embraced the day God gave them for their wedding, and joy shone through all of their moments. We were with them for their ceremony – yes, still outdoors! – and for time right after that for all the family, wedding party, and bride and groom portraits. Their ceremony was faith-full, beautiful, authentic, and full of laughter and deep commitment. Austin’s groomsmen clearly had a great time “finding” the rings for the ring exchange as you’ll see in the portraits below! Clairelise was simply radiant. We made the most of our time with them, and Jon captured absolutely magical and breathtaking portraits for them to treasure forever.

Clairelise & Austin, we are so honored to have been invited to such a special day as you became husband and wife. We see genuine love for Jesus in both of you, and as we have seen in our own marriage, He is the One who will faithfully grow your marriage and sustain it. Thank you for being Light and Love to each other and to those around you.


Jonathan Betz Photography | Colorado Springs Wedding Photographer

Dave | James Erwin High School Senior Portraits | Class of 2019

Dave is an outgoing, friendly, and loyal high school senior who loves his family. He is also one of the most polite and responsible seniors we have met! We love his down-to-earth nature and can appreciate his sarcastic sense of humor. He’s one who appreciates character over perfection, and that resonates a lot with us.

Dave plays outfield on the baseball team at school and began wrestling as well. He tutors elementary and middle school students as a volunteer with the Boys’ and Girls’ Club. When not volunteering, studying, or training/competing, you can find him gaming or enjoying anime.

Our one-hour Senior Session was a perfect choice for this family, and Cheyenne CaƱon a great setting to provide the rocky stream beds he wanted to feature in his portraits.

As Dave completes high school, he’s excited to pursue a career in journalism. We wish him the best!

Jonathan Betz Photography | Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

The Ford Family | Colorado Springs Family Photography at Red Rock Canyon

We loved seeing the Ford Family back with us, especially since they’ve added to their family since their first session with us in 2016! It was so fun to see how much their daughter has grown and to meet their son.

Families with young children benefit greatly from choosing an experienced professional for their photography. Sessions often feel hard when you have young ones, and many of our parents often think there won’t be any poses to love from the session. However, when you’ve hired a true professional, such as Jonathan, rest assured his timing is impeccable and he’s able to elicit adorable and authentic expressions from kids of all ages. No matter how the session feels, Jonathan creates poses to love.

Enjoy our favorites from this family photography session at Red Rock Canyon.

Jonathan Betz Photography | Family Portraits Photographer Colorado Springs

The Luttman Family | Professional Family Portraits created in Woodland Park, Colorado

Photographing family portraits for the Luttmans was a very special session for us for a number of reasons. First, this was their very first professional photography session! Second, these portraits would become the art for their brand new home, designed and built by grandpa and dad. The past year or so has held a theme of “new beginnings” for them, and these portraits celebrate a lot of hope and happiness.

This family has strong faith, a love for travel and their dog, Trip, and a love for the rugged landscape of Colorado. They sought to capture fall colors – specifically the golden aspens – in their portraits. The best location near Colorado Springs for healthy, vibrant aspens is in Woodland Park, and that became the setting for their photography.

Their session day weather looked iffy, and when Jon met the family in Woodland Park, it was raining…hard. But everyone agreed it was worth a try. Right as everyone was unloading to start taking the portraits, the skies cleared enough to create gorgeous portraits that now fill prominent wall spaces in their new home.

It’s been an honor to create art that celebrates so much beyond the pictures themselves for this family. We know they are enjoying their wall art – and all the special memories they bring to mind – each and every day.

Jonathan Betz Photography | Colorado Springs & Woodland Park Family Photographer

The Christensen Family | Red Rock Canyon Family Portraits

The Christensen Family serves our country in the Air Force and past service with the Marines, and we are grateful for their service. As with many of our military families, we are often invited to create family portraits with iconic Colorado scenery to represent their time here. We chose Red Rock Canyon for their photography session location. This location brings both grand landscapes and intimate settings in fields and forests. Enjoy our favorites from their portraits!

Jonathan Betz Photography | Colorado Springs Professional Photographer for Families and Children