Emily | Castle View High School Senior Portraits | Class of 2019

Emily’s family was wonderful to have back with us for photography!

Emily enjoys hanging out with friends and time with her family at home. She has an artistic side and enjoys drawing. For her high school senior portraits, she loved an urban setting. Her portrait day held some rain, but with her flexibility and positivity, the rain actually added to the portraits with reflections and bringing out vivid colors. We’re excited to share favorites from her photography session last fall!

Emily’s next chapters in life are already unfolding, and she plans to pursue studies in psychology. Our best to you, Emily!

Jonathan Betz Photography | Castle Rock Senior Photographer & Colorado Springs Senior Photographer

Caleb | Falcon High School Senior Portraits | Class of 2019

Caleb excelled in athletics during his high school years, both at Falcon High School and on USA National teams. His primary sports were football and wrestling, and he was the school captain for both teams.

For his senior portraits, Caleb had a portion of the photography at the high school to feature his sports and then a second portion at Garden of the Gods. His session day was quite a wintery mix, filled with freezing rain and a fog. While not the weather most people would embrace for outdoor photography, Caleb was up for it, and Jon was able to create incredibly unique portraits for this family.

Congratulations, Caleb, on your graduation. Enjoy all the new chapters unfolding in life!

Jonathan Betz Photography | Colorado Springs Senior Pictures Photographer

Gabe | St. Mary’s High School Senior Portraits | Class of 2019

We wanted to make sure not to miss Gabe’s Class of 2019 feature, so we’ll pause our posts from the Class of 2020 to share a few more posts that look back to last season.

Gabe spent his high school years competing on the soccer, football, and basketball teams, and he equally loved each of these sports. He’s outgoing and friendly and has a heart for welcoming new students and making sure everyone is included. When he’s not playing sports, he also enjoys hiking.

Gabe is the youngest in his family, and we loved photographing all of their boys’ senior portraits over the past handful of years. We cannot be more complimented than by the loyalty of so many of our client families.

His session was photographed at the very start of November last fall, so his portraits reflect that changing of the fall season into the early whispers of winter…well, perhaps more than whispers when you see the covering of snow in some of the portraits! We’re excited to share favorites from his multi-location Senior Experience photography session.

Gabe’s already into the next chapters of his life, and we’ll be excited to see his family in 2020 for family portraits. It’ll be a great time to catch up with the whole family!

Jonathan Betz Photography | High School Senior Photographer

Alyssa | Pine Creek High School Senior Portraits | Class of 2020

Alyssa’s family has lived all over the United States, and she has loved living close to the ocean in many of those places. In land-locked Colorado, she enjoys spending time at the pool and at Lake Pueblo, and she also loves hiking. She’s played volleyball competitively in the past and continues to stay active at the gym.

For her senior portraits, Alyssa was hoping for fields of flowers, and we were able to schedule her for the right time of year and at a perfect setting to deliver! One of my favorite parts of our time with her family was at her View & Choose sales appointment – her younger sister just beamed as she looked at the beautiful portraits of her big sister. There was a sparkle in her eye that showed just how much she loves and looks up to Alyssa.

When high school graduation comes, Alyssa plans to pursue a career in medicine, and she’s excited at the potential to attend a university that would take her back to the hotter weather she loves.

Enjoy favorites from a flower-filled senior session!

Jonathan Betz Photography | Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

Cole | Palmer Ridge High School Senior Portraits | Class of 2020

Cole is an athletic and musical high school senior who competes on the Palmer Ridge High School wrestling team and plays saxophone in the band ensembles. When he’s not in school, he enjoys reading and video games. Both he and his dad have a deep love for the Ford Mustang that dad has worked on for years. One day, it’ll become Cole’s car.

For his high school senior photography, Cole’s family matched well with our most popular one-hour Senior Session and chose an urban setting. We’re excited to share favorites from his session that features all of his interests in storytelling portraits matched with settings that provide a rich variety of textures and colors.

Enjoy your senior year, Cole, and we wish you the best as you finish high school strong and take your next steps!

Jonathan Betz Photography | Monument Colorado High School Senior Pictures Photographer