Tyler | Lewis Palmer High School Senior Portraits | Class of 2020

About this time every year, we’re deep into photographing the next senior class yet still have a few more seniors to feature who are now recent graduates. Tyler is one of those, and we certainly did not want his session feature to be missed.

Tyler is athletic, friendly, and down-to-earth. He plays both football and baseball, and baseball is the sport that he loves best. His skills have seen him in a variety of positions from pitcher to third baseman to outfield.

Tyler loves being outdoors in the mountains – you’ll often find him hiking and camping. Our areas around Mount Herman and Raspberry Mountain are top favorite trails to explore in our area. We loved providing a unique session setting to create Tyler’s senior portraits on a much-loved trail that holds many memories for him. Jon loved experiencing a fresh location that we later hiked as a family!

As Tyler looks ahead to college, he’s entering fire science studies that will prepare him for a career in fire fighting. With his love for the outdoors, he’s hoping to specifically fight forest fires. We loved being included in his small gathering to celebrate his graduation and also seeing him for our cap and gown event we held in late May.

Congratulations, Tyler! We’ve loved getting to know you and your family and wish you our best as your next steps unfold!

Jonathan Betz Photography | Colorado Springs and Monument High School Senior Photographer

Daucin | Liberty High School Senior Portraits | Class of 2020

It’s been such a treat to see Daucin’s family back with us after 8 years since we were last blessed to photograph for them!

Daucin is an accomplished athlete and competed on football teams for many of his years. During the last two years of high school, he served as the quarterback for Liberty’s team.

When not on the football field, you can find him hiking, hanging out with friends playing favorite games like checkers and chess, or enjoying a movie. He’s also a fan of Dutch Bros. and sees the potential to invest in a franchise one day. Regardless of whether it’s that company or another, Daucin plans a career in marketing and knows his years in DECA will benefit him greatly.

Congratulations, Daucin, on your graduation! May these portraits celebrate your years in high school and be a gift of memories to your whole family. Our best to you as your next steps unfold!

Jonathan Betz Photography | High School Senior Portrait Photographer | Colorado Springs Portrait Artist

Jared | TCA College Pathways | High School Senior Photography | Class of 2020

We loved seeing Jared’s family again! We’ve photographed senior portraits for his two older sisters, and this winter was the time for Jared’s turn.

Jared has been active in taekwondo for years and also active in church, most notably in Awana. He’s accomplished academically and received one of the coveted nominations to the Air Force Academy from Congressman Lamborn.

For his high school senior photography, Jared wove storytelling imagery for his activities into his session, all captured at Garden of the Gods. We love that he brought formal attire to show the wide range of looks from casual to formal. We’re excited to share our favorites from his winter session!

Congratulations, Jared! We know your family is incredibly proud of your accomplishments and your strong character. Our best to you as these new chapters unfold for your life!

Jonathan Betz Photography | Colorado Springs Portrait Photographers

Nia | Vista Ridge High School Senior Portraits | Class of 2020

Nia is quiet and yet adventurous. She’s a gifted athlete and competed on volleyball teams since 6th grade. She also loves the outdoors and loves her dogs. Nia is a native to Colorado Springs and was excited to feature our Southern Colorado natural landscapes in her senior photography. With our early snows last October, she also had the bonus of snowy scenes for her photography session!

With graduation complete, Nia is looking forward to college studies and plans to follow in her parents footsteps with a career in medicine.

Congratulations, Nia, on your accomplishments! We wish you our best for your next steps!

Jonathan Betz Photography | Colorado Springs Portrait Photographer

Kaitlyn | Rampart High School Senior Portraits | Class of 2020

Katie is thrilled to count herself among Rampart High School’s most recent graduates! During high school she competed on the lacrosse team and played alto sax in the jazz band. She loves performing, and in addition to sax, she plays guitar and ukulele.

Katie also loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and paddle boarding. She’s also an avid reader and loves her pup.

Katie chose our one hour outdoor session and matched well with Garden of the Gods for her location. We’re excited to share favorites from her senior photography!

As she looks to her next chapters in life in college, Katie’s plans currently aim for a career in medicine. Congratulations, Katie! May you embrace all the new chapters as they unfold!

Jonathan Betz Photography | Colorado Springs High School Senior Pictures | Portrait Artist